Anti Sweating Injections – From £349

Anti Sweating Injections – Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis can be an embarrassing problem for both men and women. At Harley Street Healthcare, our London Dermatology Clinics treat hyperhidrosis using botulinum toxin Anti Sweating Injections which can prevent sweating for up to one year.

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*NB. There is £75 consultation fee which will be refunded on treatment carried out on the same day, prices are subject to consultation.

If you have an excessive sweating problem please call our team who can book you in for treatment with one of our experts. At Harley Street Healthcare, we are proud to treat not only underarm sweating but also sweating of the soles and palms.

Call our team on 0207 030 3370 to book your Anti Sweating Injections treatment today!